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The Las Vegas Stadium

lv stadiumDue to open for the Las Vegas Raiders inaugural season in 2020, the Las Vegas Stadium is striving to maintain the construction schedule.  Not only does this power house of a stadium need to be complete for the Raiders, but for the UNLV Rebel football team as well.  Deadlines are being carefully watched and any problems that may occur during the construction phase are being handled as quickly as possible with great success.

With over $1.8 billion dollars being spent on this huge project, Las Vegas is set to be center stage once again with a professional football team.  All eyes will be here in Las Vegas once the Raiders are set to kick off their NFL season with the first game slated for opening day in 2020.  It was a vote of 31-1 of the NFL owners that approved the moving of the Raiders to the Las Vegas valley from Oakland, CA.  Although the Oakland fans have been extremely upset with this move, the Las Vegas fans are absolutely ecstatic!  The hype and buzz of having a professional NFL team here in Vegas just adds to all the excitement that the Vegas Golden Knights have brought to our city.  In fact, all of the professional teams could perhaps all be playing at the same time at certain parts of the year.  That will definitely be a sports book managers dream and also a big hit for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

las vegas stadiumThe Las Vegas Stadium will be unlike any other NFL stadium in the league.  It will seat just over 65,000 Raiders fans with the ability to add an additional 12,000 seats if needed.  The turf will be totally natural and will be able to glide in and out of the stadium so that it can grow out in the Las Vegas sun naturally.  The only other NFL stadium that has this unique feature is the University of Phoenix stadium that houses the Phoenix Cardinals.  In the Las Vegas stadium there are huge retractable doors and a glass domed roof that is retractable as well.  The open ended areas of the stadium are set up just perfect for the fans to take in the beautiful Las Vegas Strip views.  And of course to go along with the notorious naughty Raiders fans, the stadium will have its own jail and courtroom.  Supposedly, that will save time and money by not hauling the rowdy fans down to the Clark County Detention Center and taking up all our space there.

One of the major issues with the Las Vegas Stadium is the ability for parking.  The stadium sits on about 62 acres just west of the Mandalay Bay at Russell Road and Hacienda.  The organizers of the Las Vegas Stadium are working diligently scooping up several parcels of vacant land around the stadium so that they can provide parking plus shuttle service to the events.  This is surely providing some high purchase prices for those that are lucky enough to have owned the vacant land in the area.  Nothing like being in the right place at the right time.  With all said and done, this will be one of the most monumental structures ever to be in the Las Vegas skyline bringing visitors from around the globe.

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