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Three Italian Restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Georgia RestaurantPricci is in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia.  They opened their doors in 1991.  It is one of thirteen renowned internationally restaurants that owes it success to Pano Karatassos.  His long list of restaurants has brought him fame in the food community.

His philosophy is working with passion.  He makes such an amazing mentor that many of the employees he has trained never left his restaurants.  Instead, they have chosen to live out their career in his famous restaurants.

Pano believes in giving back to his community and created the country’s first food program with freshly prepared food to feed the hungry.  He has sponsored an annual fundraiser to help and feed the hungry raising over fifteen million dollars.

When people give with their hearts, they become iconic in the community.  This has helped with the success of Pricci.  With over three hundred donation requests coming in every month, Pano’s organization has given to more than two thousand charities.

There are over four hundred online posts giving Pricci and four-point-six-star rating.

Donetto is in the West Side/Home Park area of Atlanta.  It is named after the largest Chianina bull ever.  It is said the bull weighed in at three thousand eight hundred and forty pounds.  It is known as one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world.  For two thousand years in the Italy Tuscan region, they have been raising these bulls.Atlanta GA Restaurant

Donetto is part of The Indigo Road Hospitality Group who was formed in 2009.  Steve Palmer, Managing Partner, has been instrumental in the sixteen restaurants that are part of The Indigo Road Hospitality Group.

The Chief Restaurant Officer of the group is Jon Murray.  With a degree in Sports and Entertainment, Murray graduated from the University of South Carolina.

Steve Palmer is also a Managing Member and one of the founders of TIRHG.  He started working in restaurants when he was in high school.  He has a passion for food and loves to go out and experience the other restaurants in Atlanta with his wife and two children.

Managing Partner, Kevin Krapp, also started his career in the restaurant industry as a teenager.  He was born in Charleston, South Carolina and moved with his family to Atlanta when he was in high school.  After college, he went to work in the same restaurant as Steve Palmer forming a lifelong friendship.

With these three powerful men at the helm it is no wonder they have close to a five-star rating on the web.

Atlanta Georgia Restaurant PhotoNino’s Cucina Italiana, located near Lenox Park, is the oldest family-owned restaurant in Atlanta.  They opened their doors in 1968 and in 1982, Antonio Noviello purchased the restaurant and has operated it since.

Antonio is from the Amalfi Coast of southern Italy.  After meeting and marrying his wife, Helen, they moved to her home city of Atlanta where Antonio got his dream fulfilled by purchasing Nino’s Cucina Italiana.

Most of the dishes served are from recipes brought over by Antonio and his brother Guiseppe.  Their mouth-watering meals have given them close to three hundred rave reviews on the internet.

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