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Three Great Pizza Restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Tennessee Restaurant PizzaManny’s House of Pizza is located in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee in the historic Arcade Building.  The Arcade Building was built in 1902 by the Edgefield and Nashville Manufacturing Company.  Today the Arcade has several businesses, store and restaurants and focuses on are with seventeen galleries.

Manny grew up in Brooklyn, New York and started working in a pizza parlor while attending a local college.  The owners took Manny under their wings as he showed a natural talent in pizza making and taught him all of their secrets.

After Manny moved to Nashville, he noticed there were no real pizza places that could fulfill his pizza craving.  So in 1984, Manny purchased the House of Pizza and renamed it Manny’s House of Pizza.

Manny’s dedication to making fresh, perfect pizzas has earned him many loyal customers.  He has close to three hundred and fifty positive posts online that have earned him close to a five-star rating.

Established on June 24, 1987 is Two Boots and New York City style pizza restaurant is located on Music Row in Midtown Nashville.  It got its name for the geographical shapes of Louisiana and Italy.  Its original founders were Doris Kornish, Phil Hartman and developer John Touhey.Nashville TN Restaurant

Two Boots is an Italian-Cajun full-service restaurant.  The floors are the original terrazzo floors from the previous restaurant.  The tabletops are vintage formica and are pink and green.  Their nail-head chairs are vintage as well.  As the years have passed, they have expanded Two Boots to several locations around the United States.

The enthusiastic employees and amazing food have patrons coming back time and again.  The internet has close to seven hundred reviews that give them a strong four-point-four-star rating.

NY Pie first opened their doors on December 15, 2010 by Greg Meyer.  It is located at 6800 Charlotte Pike, Suite 105 in Nashville.  He fell in love with pizza when he was a small boy around five or six when he went into a pizza restaurant and saw the owner, Tony throwing the dough.  His passion prompted him to ask for a job.  Tony told him he would hire him when he could see over the counter and honored his promise when Greg got old enough.

Nashville Tennessee Restaurant MediaGreg went on to work in many of the best pizza places throughout the Northeast.  He picked up many secrets to making the perfect pizza which he incorporates in his pizzas at NY Pie.

It no wonder he has a strong four-point-six-star rating on the world wide web with five hundred and fifty evaluations.  Greg asks his loyal customers for feedback so he can constantly improve his pizzas.

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