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Three Oakland Restaurants

Today I have targeted three Oakland restaurants to review.  Oakland is a major port city in the Bay Area and is the third largest city in the area as well.  With a population of over four hundred and twenty-five thousand, there is a lot of competition in the restaurant business.

Bay Area California RestaurantSeawolf Public House is between Webster Street Tube and Franklin Street.  The Webster Street Tube is one of parallel tunnels that are underwater carrying passengers to Alameda from Oakland.  The location can also be considered Oakland’s Jack London Square.

Located in a historic public house, Seawolf brings a truly unique dining experience.  The three story Victorian house was built in 1882 and the restaurant is located on the ground floor.  The floor was salvaged from a one-hundred-year-old church floor.  Previously a copy bar in a recent hey-day, it now features eighteen taps of craft beers and likes to call itself a gastropub.

Once there, you will notice the prohibition artifacts that they found in the wall.  They display old bottles they found on the ground as well as artifacts and photos that feature the history of Oakland.

Their menu is developed by Chef Jason Moniz and has bar food that is some of the best in the area.  They were featured on “Late Night Eats” on the Food Network.  While enjoying the bar food, you can enjoy your favorite sports on their seven large flat-screen televisions.  Their popularity has gotten them almost four and one-half stars on the world wide web.

Mockingbird is between Broadway and Franklin Street in Downtown Oakland also considered the Jack London Square area.  Jack London Square has not only restaurants, there are hotels and shops and is owned by the Port of Oakland which makes is a great place to dine and shop for locals as well as visitors alike.Bay Area California Restaurant Breakfast

Co-owners, William Johnson and Melissa Axelrod, always dreamed of opening a restaurant like Mockingbird.  The atmosphere is a warm and inviting gathering in the neighborhood.

Helping in the kitchen at a young age, Co-Owner, Melissa, has over fifteen years of experience running a boutique catering company.  She spent many hours devouring cook books and too cooking classes in Tuscany.  She is a native of San Francisco and honed her skills cooking for family and friends.

Co-Owner, William, was originally in the corporate world of marketing and print production.  He knew he wanted to make a change and do something he had a passion for.  He spent two hears moonlighting after work cooking in a restaurant with a prominent chef.  He finally made the move to become a full-time chef honing his classic cooking skills.

Bay Area California Restaurant BreakfastToday William and Melissa are living their dream with the Mockingbird.  They work together in the kitchen challenging each other to come up with fresh new dishes that bring people back again and again.  They have over two hundred posts on the internet giving them over a four-star rating.

Montclair Egg Shop is located in Montclair Village in the beautiful area of Oakland Hills.  This area has a village feeling with not only shops and restaurants there are also amazing bike routes and hiking trails.

In 1974, The Montclair Egg Shop became the fifth restaurant of seven egg shops that were located throughout Berkeley and Oakland.  Now the only restaurant of the seven left, it is proud to still be around.  Open for breakfast and brunch, it was Ed Bakers dream to create a great breakfast restaurant.  Ironically Ed never had a cup of coffee in his life but knew there was a demand for great coffee and that was his goal.

Ed eventually sold the restaurant to his then-manager, Miguel Baron.  Miguel began his career at The Montclair Egg Shop as a dish washer.  Miguel had a goal of keeping the same great environment to keep Ed’s tradition.  When you visit you will see hand-painted poetry on the walls and a unique model train display.

Many longtime regulars have been coming in for decades.  Even Ed makes The Montclair Egg Shop one of his regular places to stop and enjoy great food and catching up with the clients and staff.  I am sure this contributes to the over three hundred internet reviews rating them over four stars.Bay Area CA Restaurant Kitchen

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