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3 Great BBQ Restaurants in Houston, TX

Houston got its beginnings in August of 1836 when two brothers, John Kirby and Augustan Chapman Allen purchased about two thousand two hundred and fourteen acres.  They had already invested in Galveston and wanted to create a town around the Galveston Bay.

They purchased the land from Elizabeth Parrot, widow of John Austin, for five thousand dollars.  They named the town Houston after a revolution against the Mexican army hero Sam Houston.

Houston now has a population, as of the 2017 census, of over two point three million.  Their economy revolves around oil and gas exploration, petroleum refining and petrochemical production.  They also support medical research and health care delivery as well as high-technology.  Of course, aerospace being one of them.

The median household income is $61,708 as of 2016.  It is home of the Houston Texans, Houston Rockets and the Houston Astros.  This brings in a huge amount of tourism and the need for amazing restaurants.  This article will review three barbecue restaurants.

Feges BBQ was opened in March 2018 by Patrick Geges and Erin Smith at 3 Greenway Plaza.  Combining traditional barbecue Houston Restaurantswith modern interpretations of classics makes this restaurant an eclectic choice to have a meal.

Erin has a strong background as a restaurateur.  Raised in Houston, Erin moved to San Francisco to attend the California Culinary Academy.  Graduating at the top of her class landed her a job in New York City at the Per Se restaurant.  Eventually she moved back to Houston and was executive chef at Plonkl Beer & Wine Bistro.  Instrumental in opening other restaurants and creating unique menus.  Before opening Feges BBQ, Erin competed in an episode of Chopped a series on the Food Network.  She beat out three chefs to win the competition.

Patrick Feges has a reputation in the culinary community as the “Whole Hog Guy”.   Patrick got a Purple Heart during a tour in Iraq due to his injuries.  When he was recovering, he caught the barbecue bug.  This prompted him to attend The Texas Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu, in Austin, Texas.Houston Restaurant Photo

Patrick bought a large smoker in 2012 and started Feges BBQ where he would cater events.  He worked at some of the best barbecue places honing his skills before he and wife, Erin, start Feges BBQ restaurant.  Since they have only been open since March 2018, there are not a lot of online reviews, but they have over a four-star rating due to the posts that have been placed.

The Pit Room was named one of “The Top 50 barbecue Joints in Texas” by the Texas Monthly.  It was opened in 2016 by Michael Sambrooks and Bram Tripp.  They recommend ordering the house made chicharrones (fried pork belly or fried pork rinds) and splashed with hot sauce.

Houston RestaurantThe Pit Room is located in the Museum District, Montrose.  It was the dream of Michael Sambrooks who attended the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston.  He worked in several restaurants and that is where he met Bram Tripp.

Now co-owners, they strive to serve Houston with the finest barbecue in the city.  Using only U.S.D.A. Prime beef and pork sourced out of California, they may have to charge a little extra for their meals but their patrons say it is worth it.

Join them on the Patio at the Pit Room.  There they have Daily Specials like Monday Night Football where all whiskeys are half price!  On Wednesdays, they have “Geeks Who Drive Trivia & Fajita Night” which includes tortillas, beans, grilled peppers, cheese and onions with rice, salsa, guacamole and habanero butter.  Thursdays are nine-dollar Burger Night where you can get a one-half pound Double-R-Ranch smokehouse beef patty with lettuce, onion, mustard, mayonnaise and tomato.  Served hot with a fresh basket of fries.  Friday they save for life music with three-dollar domestic bottles of beer and one-dollar off house cocktails.  They have over thirteen hundred reviews on the web and can boast a 4.5 rating.

Ray’s BBQ Shack, a family owned business, is located in the Third Ward of Houston.  His restaurant is known for its homemade desserts and sides combined with their hickory-smoked meats.  They also serve soups, salads, fish and shrimp dinners as well as po’boys.

Co-owner Rayford Busch brought his love for barbecue to popular nightclubs when he bought his own truck in 1985.  He worked full time for the Harris County Sheriff’s Department but in 2011 decided he wanted to open his own restaurant.Houston Restaurant Photo

Teaming with Maxine Davis, an old high school friend, Rayford concentrated on serving up soul food and Cajun dishes as well as his famous barbecue.  Maxine, a former loan officer and retired vice president of a bank runs the financial side of the business.

Ray’s BBQ Shack brought Maxine’s son, Herb Taylor, came onboard as a co-owner in 2013.  A high school football player, he was offered a full scholarship to Texas Christian University.  After he graduated, he was picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs.  He played for six years in the National Football League with such teams as the Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers.  Cooking alongside Ray, Herb acts the restaurants pittmaster and marketing director.

If you look on the internet for rating they have over eight hundred reviews with over four-stars.

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