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Review of Three Italian Restaurants in Newark, New Jersey

Newark New Jersey RestaurantRoberts Pizza is a family owned business that started in 1985.  They are located at 63 New Street in Newark, New Jersey.  The Capra family immigrated to New Jersey in 1985 and decided to open a pizzeria.  Their pizza place grew over the years as customers returned to eat their authentic Italian pizza.

Roberts Pizza housed The Village Voice which was printed in the basement of the restaurant.  When Rutgers Law School opened a school across the street from Roberts Pizza and quickly became a hot spot to hang out for thousands of law students.  To this day, they are visited by alumni’s when they come to town. 

In 2008, the restaurant was taken over by the Miller family.  They wanted to keep the tradition going so they kept many of the original staff as well as the traditional recipes.  They have expanded their business to cater not only to Rutgers’ organizations but hospitals and institutions as well.  They get a 4.3-star rating on the world wide web with over 280 positives posts.

Located at 212 Market Street in Newark, New Jersey is Mercado Tomato Pie.  It has a 50-year history in business and is a family owned restaurant.  This unique restaurant has the diners in the middle of the action where they can watch the pizzas being made before they are put into the most amazing oven they have ever seen.Newark NJ Restaurant

The oven at Mercado Tomato Pie is a handmade brick oven that is coal-fired.  The oven reaches temperatures close to one thousand degrees and it is two hundred and twenty-five square feet.  They put all of their cooks through extensive training before they can prepare and cook a pizza.

Using only the best products like hand-made cheese, select sausage and pepperoni, farm-fresh tomatoes and other tasty toppings, keeps the clientele coming in over and over.  They too get a four-point-three-star rating on the internet, but they have over seven hundred evaluations.

Newark NJ Restaurant MediaCasa d’Paco is located at 73 Warwick Street in Newark, New Jersey.  Owner, Angel, idolized his father who fished for decades in a small town in Spain called Galicia.  His father also worked on a fishing boat as a chef and was always coming up with new dishes he would bring back to his family to share.  Angels mother is a baker and the mastermind behind their dessert dishes.  

Angel graduated from Rutgers with a business degree and went into a nine to five job in management and finance.  He found the business world boring and started to dream about opening his own restaurant.  He finally took the leap and opened Casa d’Paco and it became an instant hit with the community.

Angel is committed to giving his clientele the finest food in the area.  His is passionate about his business and wants to pass his passion onto his children.  Is it any wonder he has a 4.7-star rating with well over one thousand reviews online?


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