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3 Pizza Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte NC Restaurant PhotoUncle Maddio’s Pizza is located in the Meyer Park area of Charlotte, North Carolina. They are actually a Franchise and have locations throughout the United States. Each pie is made to an individual’s custom order and they can watch them prepare the pizza right in front of them. The pizza is then cooked in a wood fired oven and it is done in six minutes.

They say pizza has been around for hundreds of years. On the “Our Story” page of Uncle Maddio’s Pizza they give a history lesson on how far back pizza can be traced. In the ashes of Pompeii pizza making tools as well as round marble slabs were discovered as well as flour cakes that were flat and baked.

It is also said that the fishermen in the Cinque Terre region of Northern Italy had their wives pack them a lunch before going out for a day of fishing. Typically, in those lunches were flat bread that was wrapped and inside was spices, vegetables, meats and oils. In Naples pizza was eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner from street carts. It wasn’t until 1522 that tomatoes were added. They were brought in from the New World but were thought to be poisonous.

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza has over four hundred reviews online with a four-point-five-star rating. Their concept of build-your-own pizza has taken off with the pizza lovers in Charlotte.

Inizio Pizza Napoletana is located at 10620 Providence Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is owned and operated by Grant Arons who remembers sitting at home and having pizza brought in from their favorite pizza place. When he grew up, he spent years studying pizza and looking for ways to create the perfect artisan experience.Charlotte North Carolina Restaurant

Neapolitan pizza is made with specific guidelines that come from Italy. They have to use only 00 wheat flour that is ground very fine. Inizio Pizza Napoletana then use only San Marzano tomatoes and real buffalo milk mozzarella. It is cooked in a specially made wood fired oven at nine hundred degrees where it cooks in only ninety seconds.

Neapolitan pizza is fast gaining popularity with many Americans as these specialized pizza restaurants are popping up all over America. Uncle Maddio’s Pizza is popular with the Charlotte pizza community and have given them over six hundred internet evaluations scoring them a four-point-six-star rating.

Benny Pennello’s, located at 2909 N Davidson Street in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have locations all over Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. They opened their first location in 2011 in West Virginia.

Charlotte NC Restaurant PizzaBenny was born in the old country but was raised in Brooklyn. When he was young, Benny got a job in a kitchen located in an Italian gun-club in Manhattan. From there he worked in many Italian kitchens learning the ins and out of the restaurant business and how to cook a great pizza.

After he left Brooklyn, Benny found himself on the East Shore of Virginia. There he built a brick oven by his back porch and started making pizza for his friends, family and neighbors. Benny’s legacy was the inspiration to opening the first Benny Pennello’s. His signature twenty-eight inch pies can feed two families.

Whether one wants to order a whole pie or just a couple of slices, they are happy to oblige. They have a four-point-five-star rating on the world wide web with close to thirteen hundred posts.

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